Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day In The Life Of Asheville

From now until August 14th the Day In The Life Of Asheville (DITLOA) photography exhibit will be on display at the Pack Place library. This community photo project took place in May and over 200 photographers took part in documenting Asheville over a 36 hour period.

The exhibit contains 100 photos selected by three judges as well as a photographers choice photo that every participant could submit. The judges of the event were Marti Saltzman, Heff Wignall and George Schaub, all leading experts in the field of photography. There were a total of 890 photographs submitted for judging. You can view these images here.

During this same weekend the Citizen Camera project was also put into place by DITLOA volunteers. Disposable cameras were placed at various stations around Asheville asking whoever stumbled across it to take a picture. These were later collected and the images have been recorded here.

This is an annual event open to photographers of all skill levels.

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