Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeff Hamilton Trio this weekend in Asheville

This Sunday, October 24th starting at 7:00 PM, the Jeff Hamilton Trio will be performing at the Diana Wortham Theatre in downtown Asheville, NC.

Renowned drummer Jeff Hamilton has mastered dynamics and subtlety, an exceptionally rare achievement. Fortunate audience members on October 24 will experience why jazz bible JazzTimes magazine assessed Jeff's Trio's 2009 recording "Symbiosis" so glowingly:

"Jeff Hamilton's Trio integrates parts like a master chef integrates components to make a mouth-watering dish. Individually each instrument has a neutral glow, but when the parts are bridged together, the result metamorphoses into a grand montage with big band muscle. The trio's rapport is inspiring and their dialogue is aurally melodic, producing music with dancehall style and swing-jazz sophistication. With tracks that are sentimental, exuberant, and consoling, Symbiosis exudes characteristics that touch human emotions."

Tickets are $25 for members of the WNC Jazz Society and $35 for non-members. Students p[ay $10 with ID. This will be the final performance of the 2010 series. There will be a pre-show meet and greet with refreshments and entertainment starting at 6:10. For more information visit WNC Jazz Society's website.

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