Monday, May 24, 2010

Asheville wins Beer City USA title for a second year.

Asheville has won the title of Beer City USA for a second year in a row. With a number of new breweries opening in the Asheville area this win comes as no surprise for local beer enthusiasts. To celebrate this title there is an upcoming festival in June. Details on that in a minute - first more about the contest.

From the Beer Examiner blog - Asheville, North Carolina represents the spirit of beer enthusiasm, taking top honors in BeerCity USA 2010 poll.

Asheville, North Carolina is BeerCity USA 2010. While Portland, Oregon organized a healthy challenge against the western North Carolina city of Asheville, in the end the relentless craft beer enthusiasm for Asheville won out. Enjoy the hundreds of comments on the original poll site.

There’s no doubt about Portland, Oregon. Anyone who has enjoyed beer in Portland will agree, it’s a craft beer experience and highlight of the American beer experience. Asheville has 6 breweries who enjoy terrific support from their local community. Beers experienced from breweries in both cities, I can attest to, are worth the journey to these American beer Meccas. In fact beer enjoyed in most American cities is worth the journey. Beer drinkers are on notice: You can leave home now – better beer awaits.

What about the 1,500+ other craft brewers and the cities, towns and villages they call “local?” The growth in enthusiasm and support for celebrating American Craft Beer Week last week is a clear indication that there are many BeerCity USAs worth visiting. Savoring the American beer landscape has turned out to be a fun journey for 90 million American beer drinkers. American Craft Beer Week coincided with BeerCity USA poll and ended with an outpouring of votes for the relatively smaller city of Asheville, North Carolina. In the end the 7-day BeerCity USA 2010 poll reflected a clear winner. Most Americans, on average live within 10 miles of a brewery.

It’s always time to celebrate beer. Here are the results of BeerCity USA 2010 Poll.

19,040 votes were cast by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, May 23 (MountainTime). Here’s the finally tally for the top 10 vote getters:

Top Ten BeerCities USA 2010

Total Votes
Pecentage Votes

1. Asheville, NC

2. Portland, OR

3. San Diego, CA

4. Philadelphia, PA

5. Missoula, MT

6. St. Louis, MO

7. Seattle, WA

8. Denver, CO

9. Milwaukee, WI

Fort Collins, CO

Congratulations to the beer enthusiast network and beer passion expressed in the BeerCity USA Poll 2010 by Asheville, North Carolina.

Asheville will be celebrating this win with the Beer City Festival on June 5th. It will take place at the new Roger McQuire Park in downtown Asheville. There is a full line up of bands and of course a variety of tasty brews. Tickets are available online. If you are traveling in to Asheville for this event then check out these great hotels.